This app is wrapper of several method for multivariable analysis, aim to do clustering and dimention reduction.
Expression table has to be long table, with column as samples, and row as variables
Grouping information is requied in meta table with at least two colums, first as sample names, second as groups.


Upload expression data (Long table)


Expression matrix (long table)

Upload meta file (required)


Analyzing, won't be long ...


Author: Zhibin Ning
Suggestions and bug report


This shiny apps uses:

DT, data.table: to table manipulation and display

shinyBS: for progressing status.

plotly: to make ggplot2 plot more interactive

ggplot2: for a lot of plotting

Of course, shiny, rstudio, htmlwidgets, and many more


V1.0: 20180301, major update, with modules
V0.2: 20170915, re-arrange UI, adding more options
V0.1: 20170823, functional version online