Step 1: Define your plates

Remove rows/columns by unchecking:

Step 2: Preview plate layout

Step 3: Download template table


- After seeing desired plate layout in preview, download the template by clicking the button below.

- Open the template using Excel, paste/fill in your experimental design in the "Group" and "Sample_ID" columns. Please note that Sample_ID should be a unique identifier for each sample.

- You can paste your design in order, we will randomize it for you.

- For better visibility, you want to make the "Group" names short, up to four characters is recommended. There is no length limit for "Sample_ID".

- Once done, save your table and go to Step 4!

Step 4: Upload table

View your experimental design (by Group)

Data uploaded:

Your experimental design

View randomized experimental design

Data randomized:

Randomized experimental design